WSOTM volume 15

01 J.S. Rozendaal – Van kinderboerderij tot inboedel
I recorded this track to accompany a dance interpretation of Kafka’s Die Verwandlung.
Unfortunately, the track was not used and they chose more well-structured music. I will upload
some of these tracks in later editions of WSOTM. I do enjoy this track myself though.

02 De Vogels – De ipv chocaparker vogel
I included this track to remind me again that Rufus and I should get together to wade through
the enormous amount of vogel recordings because some of it is too good to be never heard
again. For instance, the late Fred Knoppen recordings we checked out recently while…

03 At No Bikini Beach – Golden Girls
After i quitted TNEG, Rene of At No Bikini Beach asked me to join ANBB. He said ‘It’s no hassle
since we rehearse only five times a year and we don’t mind if you don’t show up at all.” This attitude
does bring about some nice stuff, of which this track is a good example. On this track they are
accompanied by Vinnie who produced the track, Choca on sax, and me on keys.
The CD never made the release though.

04 A.A.P. – On Steve Lamacq (BBC1)
A.A.P. is actually the umbrella of Paultje Boers’ solo efforts. However, Argus suicide and me
joined in the fun some years ago. Then Paul moved to England and apparently his music got
noticed by BBC’s Steve Lamacq. A few weeks ago he showed up at TNEG gig and apparenty
is living in Holland again. I wonder what he is up to now…

05 ExtraArnoldus – The Hands In The Mix
Arnold of ANBB is a very industrious home recorder. This is the first
of his solo experiments he send to me. Later on, there is another one in the mix. I think this
is his interpretation of a song by the Rotterdam based group The Hands.

06 J.S. Rozendaal & Hidde van Schie – Nervus Opticus 
Hidde made a very nice 2D-movie based on his collages called Nervus Opticus and I recorded the
soundtrack for this little gem.

07 Benjamin Herman Trio – Campert
In 2006 we made a short film about the famous Dutch poet Remco Campert. Benjamin Herman agreed
to record the soundtrack. Last year, he released new and extended versions of the themes he
recorded for our documentary. He even recieved an Edison for it. This short outtake did not
appear on the album.

08 Dewi Djasmo & Robin van Hilten – Je geeft me water
Last year I directed a play called Zero Tolerance for Jongerentheater Quint.
i reworked the script quite drastically and even managed to include a song composed
by Robin van Hilten of which the lyrics are based on a poem by the late Hanny Michaelis.
Beautifully sung (live gezongen!) by Dewi Djasmo.

09 Goldberg – Teduuh
Another guitar improvisation by Hidde van Schie aka. Goldberg. I heard there is a new album…
Go check it out!

10 Extra Arnoldus – Zevenachtste
This is the second track that Arnold send me. Enjoy!

11 Henk Houthoff & J.S. Rozendaal – Nogmaals Cor T.
This is the soundtrack to accompany Sander Alt’s short animated film ‘Nogmaals Cor T.’
which he made for Passionate’s GDMW festival in 2006. It is based on the poem
by Henk Houthoff.

12 Goldberg – Reverbia
Another beautiful short track by Hidde van Schie.

13 Kalahari Super Voodoo – Quatre Main
This is another piece that Rufus and I recorded for the film ‘The Arabian Dream’ by
Maher El Sabbagh under the nick of KSV.

14 Rufus Ketting – Wimtwembaloebabim
Rufus joined an exhibition that was dedicated to Wim T. Schippers and attemped to
to graps the essence all of literally his songs. And succeeded…

15 The Solo Men Only – Hot Shit
I realised that I have never included a TSMO song on this website. Simply ’cause I have none.
Which is a shame. I found this somewhere on the net.
This is a rather lengthy jam from their long deleted full lenth CD ‘Hot Shit’.

[download archive]

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