WSOTM volume 17

01. De Vogels – De Wierrookvogel
An old and reworked recording by the early birds. Played only once in bygone times… but not forgotten.

02. Jerry Hormone – You better run
Jerry Hormone wrote an unequalled number of children’s books. But this dandy is still a punk. You better run!

03. Huge Grand – P O O P E E
Huge Grand is Bart Hoevenaars and Roos Mascini. Extremely drole!

04. Leo van der Brul – Hold me in your armen
An international lovesong on a global scale.

05. The New Heaven Group – Super lucky happy
The New Heaven Group used to be a New Earth Group spin-off let mainly by Choca Alcazaba
jammin’ in his Thai hideout. At that time, noone would expect this would be the omen for a
future called Blordinox Veda.

06. De Bubbelebim – Magikjezachtjesinjemaagstompen
Of course, you may…

07. Wild Wild Ambient Boys – Fake diamond tears
Track taken from their debut CD ‘We don’t rock’ released on esc.rec. For more WWAB: click [here]

08. J.S Rozendaal – Audax 0.5
This is the first attempt at a soundtrack for the Textiel Museum promotion video by Roel van Tour.
The reworked version did make the cut.

09. De Humobisten – De Humobisten zijn weer boos
Humobisten being mad about being unable to become angry, resulting in a clash between Sun O)))
and a free adaption of a Dutch folksong about bears making sandwiches.

10. Sudoku Punk Cocktail – Indian ambient works
Sudoku Punk Cocktail workin’ them knobs. Hopefully, soon also some tracks by Creme De La Hiti
will be uploaded here… Fingers crossed.

11. Bart Hoevenaars – Surprise Rutger 2008
A musical surprise from Bart to ‘Meester Rutger’ who seems to have a special bond with his pupil Petes.

12. Boyband van Beuningen  – Het is leuk
“If I heard this during a promotional vid, I would never subscribe to a course in pottery.” “Maar het is leuk?!”

13. Hidde van Schie  – You are the light
(Early demo version?) taken from the double album ‘The Mirror & The Razorblade”. Listen to the whole album
right [here].

14. J.S. Rozendaal – The slow goodbye
An abandoned work. Found in the dusty carverns of my harddrive.

15. The Apers – Apers
Go! Go! Go! GO!

16. Trio Cor Nuiten – Quadrille
Trio Cor Nuiten reworked Paolo Conte’s quadrille to a song about international swingers, enjoying the benefits of
le Train a Grand Vitesse.

17.  Alex de Roode + J.S. Rozendaal – Landloper
Soundtrack I made to accompany a Sander Alt short animation imagining the poem ‘Landloper’ bij Alex de Roode.

18. De Bubbelebim – Kutfeest
ubbelebim closing this WSOTM17 party with a squilb.

[download archive]

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