WSOTM volume 18

01 Bismuth – In Fire
Bismuth kindly offered this new track to me that is intended for an American compilation album. Arnold and Yuri burning their self-made guitars for your twisted excitement.

02 Choca Alcazaba – Cosmos Dos
Although Choca Alcazaba’s solo projects and The New Earth Group fused to one and the same thing (and why not?) this ‘Cosmos Dos’ was still considered a parallel universe next to the desired new earth, called Koh Tao. Or am I mixing things up? Anyway, this was taken from the CD ‘Holy Hertz’ which is still available [here].

03 Hidde Van Schie – De Alpen
The Alps are one of the great mountain range systems of Europe stretching approximately 1,200 kilometres (750 mi) across eight Alpine countries from Austria and Slovenia in the east, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Germany and France to the west, and Italy and Monaco to the south.

04 The Minor Details – Falling Star (Spacey Premix)
An early premix of this song, taken from their forthcoming EP#2 to be released on orange vinyl. Not all details are in the right place, yet. (In fact, some still need to land).

05 J.S. Rozendaal – At My Feet In The Ground (Outtake 1)
While I’m working on the follow up album with the working title ‘Too late, it turned into a face’, please enjoy this piano based outtake of the AMFITG album. The original vinyl album is still available through this website.

06 De Bubbelebim – Klaus und Pabst
De Bubbelebim introducing Klaus und Pabst. Shedding no light on these two individuals whatsoever. Maybe featured on their one-day-to-be-released album ‘Toekomstmuziek’.

07 Sudoku Punk Cocktail – Rodent Based Jewellery
From time to time these guys drop a CD in my mailbox. I don’t know who they are, but apparently they know where I live. To avoid any unpleasant misunderstandings between us, this track is featured here. If you wonder what Rodent Based Jewellery could look like, click [here].

08 The Modelfuckers – Demo#2
Once there was a band-under-construction called The Motherfuckers. It was fully based on the musical efforts of Arnoud van der Zijden and  populated by teachers in geography, wearing their typical jumpers. However, something somewhere went terribly wrong. The songs as well as the band members got lost, literally. But saved from my flooded StudioRev, surprisingly, here’s the first track De Vogel let me hear, yelling ‘Fuck dit is goed’ all the way though the listening session.

09 Hidde Van Schie – Dusty Diamond Eyes (Extra Echo)
An outtake from Hidde’s seriously beautiful double album ‘The Mirror and the Razorblade/Dusty Diamond Eyes’, which you can order [here].

10 Gyz La Riviere & Jeroen Rozendaal – Radio Voicemail
Gyz and my were invited to create a track for Radio Voicemail which we did. It’s explains step-by-step how to take care for your heating system in a mindful manner.

11 De Jong De Band – Hokepokemiene
We continue with this dutch section (sorry, sorry). A little gem by Raoul de Jong and his ‘De Jong Band’, which I remember mostly by their gymnastics outfits. Max Maas of The Cuties and The Minor Details on drums!

12 Quint – Kom nu, Oostenwind
This is a live recording taken from a play I wrote and directed, based on Louis Couperus ‘Psyche’ fairytale. The music is composed by Robin van Hilten. I kindly thank Wilbert Eerland for saving this moment from dust-covered oblivion.

13 Hond & Wolf – Nachtrit
On the self titled CD (which can still be purchased through this website) Fred van der Hilst wrote about this track the following: “Met toestemming van de schrijver maakten we van zijn toneelstuk, dat zich afspeelt in de Amsterdamse taxiwereld, een Rotterdamse versie. De door het verhaal verspreide mobilofoongesprekken tussen 23 chauffeurs (onderling én met de centrale) hoort u hier als één geheel. De rollen van Rooie Jan, Wampie, Hangwang, De Elleboog, Ome Frans, Woody de Woodpecker, Lange Joop, Piet Waasdorp, Sneeuwwitje, Rinus, Rudy, Frits, Joop, Guus, De 313, De 215, De Bolle, De 214, Oscar, De 316, De 226, en De Paling worden door drie acteurs gespeeld, die samen bovendien een treurig achtergrondcombo vormen.” The music was based on the song ‘Portuguese Suave’ by De Vogels.

14 Barbershop of Horrors – Wat dan is het leven?
Ari Deelder’s first feature film ‘Devastated by Love’ featured two instances of the choir of dirty men with beige raincoats,  strong glasses and greased partings called ‘The Barbershop of Horrors’. On this track they sing Pim van Alten’s and Nils Schwartz’  interpretation of the description of the song in the book ‘Door de liefde toegetakeld’ by Aat Ceelen.

15 Salamander Koen – Beesjes
Although I’ve never been inside, Rotterdam used to have a recording studio that you could use for free as long as animal sounds were involved. This automatically led to the recording of the 70s classic song ‘Beesjes’.

16 Harm Goslink Kuiper & Jeroen Rozendaal – Treetrack (unused version)
Tree Track is a wooden train track created by Christien Meindertsma that is made of a complete beech tree from the Flevopolder in The Netherlands. Read more about this [here]. Harm and me contributed to this unused version of the soundtrack. The final version lacked my contribution 😉

17 J.S. Rozendaal – In Dromen Voorbij
This soundtrack accompanied the short animation by Sander Alt with the same title. It was based on a poem by Delphine Lecompte. In this version, her voice is left out, apart for one sentence. Watch and listen to the final animation film [here].

18 Wild Wild Ambient Boys – Drowning in a Sea of Nu
Take from their CD ‘We don’t rock’ (still available through esc.rec) this track illustrates the workings of wild wild ambient. Live improvisations are looped and dubbed. Or as James Catchpole of ‘A closer Listen’ stated ‘We Don’t Rock is just what ambient music could truly be if it dared to stretch its wings – mellow, without ever being saccharine, and innovative without straying too far into the left field.’

19 The Minor Details – Ceiling
Third track from their almost sold-out EP#1. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris van Velde from LGM studio’s!

20 De Bubbelebim – Een Wok is geen Nee-pan
This Bubbelebim song is taken from their short film ‘Stommemie’ in which Sim Sala suffers from this awful disease, which ultimately makes him dumb. That’s why Professius has to sing this song during the end credits. Watch it for yourself [here].

21 Yokocola (Cellarsounds) – S.O.S.
Yokocola is happening. This can only be explained in HUGE CAPITALS. READ SOME OF THOSE CAPITALS [HERE]!!!!!

22 Jerry Hormone and the Japanese Elections – Gotta Be Fun, Peaches, C’mon, Clean Cut, Have Some, Nothing To Do With You
Just in case Yokocola didn’t wake you up. Jerry Hormone will through his mini-set of distorted punk: six songs in less than six minutes.

23 Hidde Van Schie – Old Disney
“Foolish? Not to a youngster.  An older person might have had too much “common sense” to do it.  Sometimes I wonder if “common sense” isn’t another way of saying “fear.” And “fear” too often spells failure.”  – Walt Disney.

24 De Vogels – Ik Heb Een Grote Chambraat
Some wondered what it was that made De Vogels so incredibly special. So here’s the answer. You might not like it, but it is true.

25 Elsbeth – Ruzie Stagiaire
I’ve met Elsbeth only one or two times. She is a remarkable woman. Troubled? Yes. But always full of spunk!

[listen @ soundcloud]

[download archive]


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